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Businesses have a unique problem today. While they are creating huge amount of content, they are also leaving it as breadcrumbs across various channels on the internet. And, on the flip side buyers are looking at comprehensive view of a product or service that is easily accessible to make better buying decision. This dichotomy leads to "messy middle", where consumers spend a large amount of time foraging for vital business info without much luck, and eventually drop off from. For businesses this leads to loss of business, reduced leads and eventually effects the bottomline. 

At Intro, we set out to solve this problem by creating a drag & drop content focussed platform which helps bring all the relevant content together in one place, showcase it & share it. Whether a solo operator, small business or enterprise, a user can create a page / collection of pages for his business or work, with all the latest content. With comprehensive & latest information about a business, customers save time on research and make quicker buying decisions. With Intro, we bring back the focus on only 3 vital pieces of info that a customer is looking for - CONTENT, CONTACT, COMMERCE. 


Our mission at Intro is - simplicity & usability  - in everything we create. With Intro we focussed on the current user habits & blended it with tech & design to create new value. 


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Launching soon